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Tailored coaching to help you scale your business, gain back time, enjoy more personal time doing what you want, and finally live your dream lifestyle..
Renzie Richardson, MYBN, Mind Your Business Now

Mind Your Business Now

How can you grow your business when all you feel is overwhelmed?

  • Are you dissatisfied with just “Good Enough” to get by?
  • Are you seeking support to break through barriers holding you back from running a profitable seven-figure company?
  • Are you seeking CEO professional training and peer-to-peer support?
  • ​Do you desire a deepen self-awareness – identify mindset and patterns of limitations that are limiting self-confidence ?
  • Are you facing burn-out and tired of being exhausted?
  • Are you seeking happiness, finding more quality time for yourself, family and friends?
  • Are you seeking support to work through core challenges limiting growth?
  • ​Are you ready to become a better business owner or CEO for your business and the people you lead?
Renzie Richardson, MYBN, Mind Your Business Now

Let’s scale your business with sustainability and ease

Using our signature program, we help you grow your business to 7 and 8 figures and become the most fascinating expert in your field. Our clients include experienced women business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs with one common goal: To reignite their passion and fully utilize their strengths to scale and achieve target revenue goals.

Position Yourself for Your Next Horizon...

From blind spots to breakthroughs, we elevate you with our signature approach to fix fatal flaws that are draining the life out of your business. Our mastermind peer coaching program helps reignite your passion and fully utilize your strengths to scale and achieve target revenue goals.
We provide a well-rounded approach to assist women and minority-owned businesses in developing their leadership skills; and build, scale, and sustain a thriving business that creates jobs, impacts local communities, and recruits and retains talent. 
Renzie Richardson, MYBN, Mind Your Business Now

our clients

Mind Your Business Now

Meet Renzie Richardson

i’m here to help you scale your business with powerful strategies so you can achieve breakthroughs

Renzie aka “Coach Re!” has more than 15 years of experience coaching business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs. She also has a BS and MA degree and more than 22 years of experience in HR/OD consulting. Her credentials include a certified PROSCI-ADKAR Practitioner, certified HBDI Practitioner, and certified WABC business coach.
I Focus On Shifting Women And Minority Business Owners’ Mindset To Think And Act Boldly To Grow And Sustain Their Business. 
Since 2012, she has been advising CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and helping them fix their fatal mistakes.  After working 22 years in Corporate and 70 hours a week only to be marginalized and punished if I step out of my “place”, I started seeking an exit strategy out of Toxicville. When I was laid off in 2008, I took a leap of faith to take back my time, change my life and do what I love – coaching. Being a business owner was the right trade-off for me and I love the lifestyle I live today.
Renzie Richardson, MYBN, Mind Your Business Now

Developing women and minority business owners to understand their role and contribution to the economy


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Renzie Richardson, MYBN, Mind Your Business Now

"It is an honor to witness the incredible difference Renzie makes in lives, organizations and communities."

Renzie’s polish and professionalism combine with her impressive ability to drive impactful and measurable - quantitative and qualitative - growth in her clients and their businesses. 
Leida Speller, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®

"Thanks for helping me to shift my mind and my business."

Renzie, Thank you for being my Business coach, first I was sceptical because of past bad experiences. Giving you a chance has been one of the best moves for me truly. Working with you I understand why it is important to have a "GOOD BUSINESS COACH that is knowledgeable, passionate and one who knows their stuff. So excited!
Margaret Lee

"Her values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just “starting a business” and focus more on developing a company that would capitalize on my passions and strengths."

My first consultation with her was mind-blowing and revelational. She is a great listener and understood as a start-up construction company the importance of understanding clearly what my goals were and how to map out a plan to achieve it. Her knowledge of so many industries and her willingness to connect me to her network were particularly valuable to a recent college graduate with a minimal industry network. It was through this network I able to obtain a mentor/protege opportunity.
Monique Strong OSHA 30 Certified Construction Manager & Electrical Engineer

Why Risk doing it all alone?

When you have a successful business owner coaching you to win, plus training in advanced business topics and insight into multiple industries, your competition will have a hard time keeping pace. See how it works when you schedule a free Business Growth call.

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Renzie Richardson, MYBN, Mind Your Business Now

We Are The Leading Expert For Women And Minority Owned Businesses   

Now more than ever, we believe women and minority-owned businesses must seize the opportunity to increase their footprint in their industry and shape policies that impact job creation, economic growth, and institutional policies. Mind Your Business Now! 12-Step Signature Program will support this national effort through business coaching, training, and business development strategies.  
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